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Parasite Drag and Increased Angle of Attack

Parasite Drag and Increased Angle of Attack2020-10-28T12:22:49-04:00
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      As AoA increases would all forms of parasite drag remain constant?

      I suppose we could take the same airplane and fly it at the same altitude and at the same speed but with different weights. The heavier airplane would require a greater AoA to maintain altitude and more power to maintain speed because of increased induced drag, correct?

      Since velocity remains unchanged skin friction should remain constant and form constant, correct?

      Does interference drag change with AoA? it must?

      However, usually we are flying slower at higher AoAs. So this would mean skin friction and form drag would decrease at these slower speeds, correct?

      I am just having a difficult time understanding the parasite drag / angle of attack relationship.

      Appreciate any clarification.

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