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Altimeter Setting Regions

Understanding Altimeter Setting Procedures Flying an aircraft demands precision and adherence to various regulations, especially concerning altimeter setting procedures. These procedures are crucial for maintaining accurate altitude readings and ensuring safe flight operations. Let's delve into the specific altimeter setting procedures outlined for both the altimeter setting region and the [...]

Essential PPL Words and Terms for Your Aviation Journey

Essential Navigation PPL Words and Terms for Your Aviation Journey Unlocking the fundamentals of aviation navigation begins with mastering the essential terms you need to know for your Private Pilot License (PPL). From understanding the intricacies of longitude and latitude to grasping the significance of concepts like airspeed and ground [...]

Who Has the Right of Way in an Airplane?

Right of Way Regulations for Aircraft General Overview In aviation, right of way regulations are crucial for maintaining safety and avoiding collisions between aircraft. The following guidelines outline the responsibilities of pilots in various situations to ensure safe navigation in the airspace. Key Regulations: Risk of Collision Avoidance: The pilot-in-command [...]

A Growing Library

We are constantly building on our course library and expanding in other areas. Some courses are available for FREE and others at a DISCOUNT. Apply the coupon code to your cart or at checkout. We hope you enjoy the aviation courses!


If the pilot course isn’t already free, find a list of current discount codes and applicable courses on our Promotions and Discounts page.
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Students Work at Their Own Pace

With online courses students and instructors are now able easily connect in the classroom. Students can now arrive to their lesson already having pre-studied the air exercise. Instructors spend more time flying and less time explaining.

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Our Flight Plan

Canada needs better aviation resources. Canada need a better aviation web presence. Runup.ca wants to help. Our mission is the bring the up-and-coming next-gen Canadian pilots together in a web space where they can find aviation courses, articles, podcasts, and discussion. Runup.ca aims to reinforce to the world the quality of Canadian aviation. We also plan to…


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