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Exercise 16 Takeoffs Canadian Student Pilot


To learn:

  • how to take off on different surfaces, under various wind conditions, with varying runway lengths.
  • how to perform short and soft field landings and when to use them.

Lesson Outline

  1. Wind Direction
  2. Ground Roll and Rotation
  3. Crosswind Takeoffs
  4. Factors that Affect Takeoff Distances
  5. Density Altitude
  6. Specialty Takeoffs

Motivation to Learn

Takeoffs are an essential skill to flying. There is more to take offs than just barreling down the runway at full power and then pointing the nose at the sky. As you progress through your training  and into aviation, as a hobbyist or a professional, you are certain to encounter a variety of runway lengths, as well as surface and wind conditions.

When you inevitably encounter a varying combination of these conditions you will want to be equipped with the proper knowledge of how to safely take off from them. This lesson will give you the knowledge you need to make the correct decisions just prior to and just after becoming airborne.

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