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Instrument Rating

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  • Minimum 70% on the INRAT

  • 50 hours of XC time

  • 40 hours of instrument time (20 can be in the simulator)

  • A dual XC flight under simulated or actual IMC to an aerodrome 100nm away

  • 2 approaches to minimums on the 100nm dual XC


Whichever aeroplane in which you complete your IFR flight test will determine which group of instrument rating you receive. These groups define the class of airplane you are permitted in which to file and fly IFR. The are as follows:

  • Group 1 – Multi-engine(s) airplanes
  • Group 2 – Center thrust multi-engine airplanes
  • Group 3 – Single engine airplane
  • Group 4 – Helicopters

Flight Test Admissions

Basic requirements for admission include:

  1. Photo ID with signature
  2. Valid medical certificate
  3. A valid licence (NO rec pilots)
  4. Letter of recommendation within last 30 days
  5. Have passed the INRAT written exam with 70% or greater


With an IFR rating you can exercise the privileges of your current licence in instrument meteorological conditions. You may also exercise the privileges of a VFR OTT rating.


The instrument rating is valid for 24 months. To renew the instrument rating you will need to take a flight test. The flight test can be completed in an approved flight simulator. The flight test is called an IPC. You cannot fail your IPC but you will have to prove to the examiner that you are competent to fly approaches.

If you let your instrument rating expire you will need to rewrite the INRAT and obtain a 70% or greater to pass.


CARs 401.05 (3)

In order to exercise the privileges of an instrument rating you will need to remain current. To remain current you will need:

  • to have passed the instrument flight test with the last 12 months, OR
  • have accumulated 6 hours of instrument time and 6 instrument approaches in the last 6 months, OR
  • have completed a PPC (that is still valid) that included necessary instrument procedures


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