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Airplane Minimum Equipment List Day VFR

Day VFR Minimum Equipment List MEL

Airplane Minimum Equipment List for Day VFR Flight


In accordance with aviation regulations, power-driven aircraft must adhere to specific equipment requirements, especially when conducting day Visual Flight Rules (VFR) flights. This list outlines the essential equipment necessary for safe operation during daytime VFR conditions.

Equipment Requirements

The airplane minimum equipment list for day VFR flight includes:

  • In uncontrolled airspace, an altimeter is mandatory for maintaining altitude awareness.
Sensitive Altimeter
  • In controlled airspace, a sensitive altimeter adjustable for barometric pressure is necessary to comply with air traffic control requirements.
Airspeed Indicator
  • An airspeed indicator is vital for monitoring the aircraft’s speed relative to the air.
Magnetic Compass
  • A magnetic compass or magnetic direction indicator independent of the aircraft’s electrical system aids in navigation, especially in the absence of electronic navigation aids.
  • Each engine and propeller/rotor with limiting speeds set by the manufacturer must have a tachometer for monitoring engine and propeller/rotor RPM.
Engine Indicators
  • Oil pressure, coolant temperature, and oil temperature indicators provide crucial information about engine health and performance.
Manifold Pressure Gauge
  • Required for reciprocating engines with variable-pitch propellers, engines powering helicopters, supercharged engines, and turbocharged engines.
Fuel Quantity Indicator
  • Allows the flight crew to monitor fuel levels in each main fuel tank.
Landing Gear Position Indicator
  • Essential for aircraft with retractable landing gear, providing information on landing gear position.
Radiocommunication System
  • Adequate radiocommunication equipment is necessary for two-way communication on designated frequencies in controlled airspace, Mandatory Frequency (MF) areas, and other specified zones.
Radio Navigation Equipment
  • In Class B airspace and specific operational scenarios, aircraft must be equipped with radio navigation equipment for navigation and communication purposes.


Compliance with the airplane minimum equipment list for day VFR flight ensures that power-driven aircraft are equipped with essential instruments and systems to maintain safety and regulatory compliance during daytime visual flight operations.

More Info On Minimum Equipment

Look to the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 605.14 for more comprehensive information.


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