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Our Flight Plan

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Our Flight Plan

Canada needs better aviation resources. Canada need a better aviation web presence. Runup.ca wants to help. Our flight plan is to the bring the up-and-coming  next-gen Canadian pilots together in a web space where they can find aviation courses, articles, podcasts, and discussion. Runup.ca aims to reinforce to the world the quality of Canadian aviation. We want you to visit Runup.ca for aviation information, but also for entertainment. We want you to be able to connect with other pilots ultimately bringing the Canadian aviation community closer.

Want to get involved?

Preparatory Ground Instruction (PGI)

PGIs are broken down into lessons and topics that explain the necessary knowledge for each air exercise. We use a variety of text, images, and YouTube videos to explain each air exercise. Each PGI also contains interactive quizzes and tests to help gauge your understanding of the air exercise.  We aim to provide you with a Canadian learning resource that utilizes multiple learning strategies for different styles of learners. We want to help you and your instructor connect in the classroom while also giving you the opportunity to learn at your own pace.

But we still want more…

Useful Articles

The Runup Team also wants to provide students with useful articles about all aspects of flying. We will be doing our best to talk to pilots in all areas of the industry and communicate their experiences to you. Runup.ca also intends to write useful articles to help student pilots grasp concepts and understand flight exercises. Beyond that we will review products we feel are useful from time to time.

Aviation English

Our goals also include building an aviation English program. This is a huge task, but we have the personnel and the experience to implement it on this site. The creator of Runup.ca is a commercial pilot with a Master of Education degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). He also has 10 years of English teaching experience abroad with 6 years at the university level. His partner in the aviation English education program has 5 years of experience developing aviation English learning and testing courses for government programs in South Korea. He is also an FAA licensed commercial pilot. The goals it to create a robust, convenient aviation English training program that can be accessed conveniently from anywhere in the world on any internet capable device.

Additional Courses

Runup.ca also plans to create mini courses in different subject areas, keep an eye out for new courses from time to time. These courses take a lot of time and effort to build. You can expect to see new course appear on this website as we move forward.

Overall Vision

Ultimately we want to build an enjoyable media rich aviation learning resource for CANADIAN student pilots and also those looking to improve their aviation English proficiency.

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