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Exercise 13 - Spinning Canada Pilot Toronto


To learn:

  1. how to recognize conditions that lead to a spin and how to avoid them.
  2. how to enter a spin.
  3. how to recover from a spin.


Spins can be scary for any pilot, and especially for the student pilot. The first time you enter a spin you will likely try to reach for the holy $&#% handles. Unfortunately, most airplanes do not have any. Spins can also be deadly if inadvertently entered with no knowledge of proper recovery techniques. Learning about the conditions that lead to a spin will hopefully ensure you never inadvertently enter one.

However, if you do happen to enter a spin inadvertently, proper recovery training will give you the best chance at not becoming a statistic. You will also be required to enter and recover from a spin on a flight test if you plan on becoming a Canadian commercial pilot. There is no spin requirement on Canadian private pilot flight tests.

Lesson Outline

  1. Spin Basics and Causes
  2. Spin Entry
  3. The Stages 
    • The Incipient Stage
    • The Fully Developed Stage
    • The Recovery
  4. Factors that Affect Recovery



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