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Instrument Flying

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Canada Pilot Exercise 24 Insturment Flying


    To learn (while flying VFR):

  • how to maintain absolute control over the airplane with reference only to the instruments. 
  • about human factors that can negatively impact a pilot’s ability to control an aircraft.
  • about illusions and instrument failures that may occur during instrument flying and how to maintain control while experiencing them.
  • how to use and navigate with radio and satellite navigation systems. 


You need an instrument rating to legally file and fly instrument flight rules (IFR). However, haphazardly visual flight rules (VFR) pilots can find themselves in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC). With the proper instrument knowledge and training, a pilot can avoid potentially fatal situations in IMC. Furthermore, knowledge of a series of radio and satellite navigational aids will give pilots more navigational confidence on long distance flights and (hopefully) prevent them from ever getting lost. Your instruments want to talk to you. Learn how to “speak instrument” so you can hear what they are saying. This skill will help you to avoid falling prey to various illusions.

Lesson Outline

  1. Human Factors
  2. Illusions
  3. Instrument Failures
  4. Basic Instrument Flying
  5. Unusual Attitude Recovery
  6. Partial Panel Instrument Flying
  7. Radio and Satellite Navigation

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