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Recreational Pilot Permits

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Basic Requirements

CARs 421.22


Minimum age is 16


Category 1, 3, or 4 medical is required


Minimum score of 60% on the Transport Canada Rec Pilot Permit Aviation Exam [RPPAE]

Ground School

There is no ground school required for a Rec Permit

Flight Training

Minimum 25 hours of flight training


You must pass a flight test


Never expires provided you have a valid medical

Flight Test Admissions

Basic requirements for admission include:

  1. Photo ID with signature
  2. Valid medical certificate
  3. A valid permit (if a student) or licence
  4. Letter of recommendation within last 30 days
  5. Proof of relevant experience (25 hours flight time in airplanes)


CARs 401.22

  • No high performance aircrafts

  • Day VFR flight only

  • Can carry 1 passenger only

  • Maximum 4 seats in aeroplane

  • Can fly an ultra-light aeroplane

NOTES: With regard to flight training you will need a minimum of 15 of dual flight training (including 2 hours of XC), and a minimum of 5 hours of solo training. The remaining 5 hours can be either dual or solo training.

You do not have to have completed the Recreational Pilot Permit written exam [RPPAE] to be admitted to the flight test. However, you will need to have passed with 60% overall to be issued your permit.

A recreational pilot may not fly for hire or reward.


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