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Flight for Range and Endurance

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Exercise 10 Flight for Range and Endurace Course Thumb


    To educate the pilot:

  • on the factors and methods that enable a pilot to fly the greatest distance (range)
  • on the factors and methods that enable a pilot to remain airborne the longest (endurance)


The range of one airplane can vary greatly as there are lots of variables that are never constant, such as wind speed and direction, temperature, center of gravity, and weight. You should know how these variables affect the range of your aircraft so that you can make educated decisions on cross country flights.  

Flight for endurance is linked to Exercise 11 – Slow Flight. A better understanding of flight for endurance will enable you to have the background connect flight for endurance to slow flight. It also might be useful if you find yourself in a situation where you need to hold. For example, if the pilot in front of you landed with his/her gear up and will occupy the runway for 30 mins before it iis cleared.

Lesson Outline

  1. Flight for Range
    • Range Factors
    • Performance Charts
  2. Flight for Endurance
    • Performance Charts
    • Experimental Method
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