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Lesson Outline

  • To learn how to:
    1. climb at recommended normal speeds
    2. climb at various speeds – en route climb
    3. climb at best rate of climb speed
    4. climb at best angle of climb speed
  • To learn how to level off from a climb
  • Different types of climbs and their speeds.
  • Proper climbing techniques
  • Effect of density altitude
  • Items that affect climbing performance
  • Instrument indications
  • Overshooting (Balked Landing)

Motivation to Learn

Climbing is a fundamental part of flying. If you cannot climb you will never leave the ground and thus will never fly. Climbing is also more complicated than it sounds. There are different rates and angles of climb that are based on speeds. You might choose one type of climb during take off over an obstacle or another type of climb for increased vision in an area with lots of traffic.

It is also important to learn climbing speeds as you will be tested on your knowledge of these speeds for RPP, PPL, CPL, and multi-engine flight tests. Furthermore, you will be tested on your ability to perform these climbs during your flight tests.

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