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Multi Engine Rating

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  • Have a valid pilot licence

  • Have a valid medical

  • Pass a Transport Canada flight test

Types of Multi Engine Airplanes

It should be noted that there are 2 types of multi engine airplane: the conventional multi with engines on each side of the fuselage and a center-line thrust multi engine airplane where the engines are mounted on the front and rear of the aircraft. Each type of multi-requires its own rating.

Flight Test Admissions

Basic requirements for admission include:

  1. Photo ID with signature
  2. Valid medical certificate
  3. A valid licence
  4. Letter of recommendation within last 30 days


There is no Transport Canada written exam for this rating. There is also no required experience. You only need a the appropriate licence. Technically you could get a multi-engine rating with a recreational pilot licence provided that the multi-engine aircraft only had 4 seats, and was not considered a high performance aircraft. However, you might find it difficult to find a 4 seat multi engine aircraft with a Vne or lest than 250 KIAS.

High preformance aircraft have a Vne of 250+ KIAS and a Vso of 80+ KIAS.

Who can teach you? You do not need a CFI to teach you how to fly a multi engine aeroplane. The teacher needs only a CPL, or an ATPL, and 50 hours of multi-engine experience with a minimum on 10 hours on the airplane used for training. Bet you didn’t know that!


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