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How to Fly VFR over Niagara Falls

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How to fly over Niagara Falls (VTPC)

About this How to Fly VFR Over Niagara Falls Course

In this course you will be presented with the materials to help you plan how to fly VFR over Niagara Falls approaching from the Canadian side. We will give you the guidance you need to find the appropriate materials to make the flight. Niagara Falls is a CYR and you will need to know the procedures for flying near this restricted airspace. You will find an explanation of the airspace and the pattern procedures in this course. You will also learn a little about the Common Frequency Area frequencies and boundaries; vital for flying around the Toronto area.

This course contains sample pages from the CFS and sample sections from the Toronto VTA. All of these materials were taken as screenshots from Foreflight. This course also contains sample video from an actual trip to Niagara Falls.

To fly over Niagara Falls you will need:

  • a valid CFS (Canada Flight Supplement)
  • a valid Toronto AIR1900 VTA (VFR Terminal Area chart)
  • an airplane
  • a valid pilot license/medical

Cheat Sheet

In this course you will also find a ‘How to Fly Over Niagara Falls Cheat Sheet’. The cheat sheet gives you all the frequencies you need plus a pattern diagram sized for your kneeboard or for your tablet.


Every effort is made to ensure the information contained in this flying over Niagara Falls course is accurate and correct. However, the PIC of your airplane is ultimately responsible for ensuring you are following the rules and regulations for the flight you are conducting as set out by the CARs (Canadian Aviation Regulations). Runup.ca will not be held responsible for any errors you make while flying. Runup.ca is not a governing aviation authority and you shall save Runup.ca harmless from any and all liability.

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