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Straight & Level Flight

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EX 06 Straight and Level Flight


  1. To learn how to maintain a constant heading, altitude, and airspeed at different power settings.
  2. To understand how a combination of attitude and power are used to achieve different desired air speeds and altitudes.

Motivation to Learn

The ability to maintain a heading, altitude, at different airspeeds is a fundamental skill of flying. You will use it on cross country flights, in the circuit, air traffic controllers will require you to maintain headings and altitudes in controlled airspace, or you might have controlled airspace ceilings or floors that you need to fly directly under or over. The sooner you can master this skill the sooner your instructor will stop barking in your ear on the way to and from the practice area :-)

Lesson Outline

  • Compass Errors
  • How Power and Pitch Affect Performance
  • Increasing and Decreasing Airspeed
  • Use of Trim
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