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Aviation Plain English: Take Off Incidents 01

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Pilot Topic: Takeoff Incidents

In this Aviation Plain English course we will be targeting the subject of TAKE OFF INCIDENTS. The course is suitable for pilots currently in the 3-5 ICAO rating level; pre-operational, operational, and extended, respectively.

Why it is Important

‘Take Off Incidents’ is a subject area of importance according to ICAO. A strong understanding of language within this subject is essential for take off safety. There is also a strong chance you will be asked a question pertaining to ‘take off incidents’ on an aviation language proficiency test.

Media Rich Course Content

Below you can view the basic content for each Aviation Plain English lesson. Plain Language Pilot courses on Runup.ca aim to focus on 6 areas of improvement based on the ICAO rating bands. These are: pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and interaction.

Each Lesson is filled with a variety of interactive features that help to make your learning experience enjoyable and effortless. Lessons are rich with audio, and often have audio recorders, like the one below, for you to record your own pronunciation, listen to it, and then compare it to ours. We also have built in stopwatch timers to help you with fluency, popovers , tool tips, as well as images for vocabulary and quiz exercises.

Getting the Most out of English Language Learning

If you are like most pilots learning English, you have had lots of practice reading, writing and listening, but lack opportunities to speak. As a pilot you must have listening and speaking skills that meet the ICAO Level 4 Operational requirements. The only way to get better at listening and speaking, is to listen and speak, often. During this course we offer you as much opportunity as possible to listen and speak. Take the opportunity.

Try Now!

Listen, Speak, Record, Listen

The only way to get better at listening and speaking is to listen and speak often.

Voice recorder not working?


  1. Push the volume icon to listen to the correct speaking rate and pronunciation.
  2. Press the RECORD button.
  3. Say the sentence at the same speed with the same pronunciation as the example.
  4. STOP the recording.
  5. SAVE the recording.
  6. Playback the recording. Compare your speed and pronunciation to our pronunciation.

Course Content

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