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Seaplane Rating

Seaplane Rating2023-05-17T22:15:48-04:00


  • 7 hours of seaplane training

  • 5 hours of dual flight instruction

  • 5 solo takeoffs and landings on water

  • A qualifying flight within the preceding 12 months with a qualified person


Somewhat like the multi-engine rating, your teacher is not required to have an instructor rating. However, your teacher will need to have:

  • a CPL or ATPL
  • a seaplane rating
  • 50 hours on seaplanes

In some cases, pilots were trained only on seaplanes. In order to fly planes on wheels they will need a land plane rating. This can be done with:

  • 3 hours of land plane training
  • at least 2 of the 3 hours with an instructor
  • at least 5 sole takeoffs and landings


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