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VFR OTT Rating

VFR OTT Rating2020-02-20T11:45:12-05:00


  • 15 hours of dual instrument time

  • 5 hours of simulator time and be credited to your rating

  • NO exam or flight test


You can count any of your previous instrument time toward your VFR Over the Top rating. Upon earning a commercial pilot licence you are automatically given this rating as you need 20 hours of dual instrument time for your CPL.

What can you do with a VFR OTT rating?

With this rating you are allow to fly above BKN or OVC cloud provided you can get above it in VMC. However, there are other rules:

  1. You must be 1000 feet vertically from cloud.
  2. Only allowed during day VFR and only during the cruise portion of your flight.
  3. If cloud layers exist, there must be 5000 feet between them.
  4. You must have 5NM visibility.

Planning Requirements

When planning your flight and utilizing your VFR OTT rating you must consider the forecast conditions. You can use a TAF or the GFA.

The rules for each forecast are the same, however, when using the GFA legal conditions must be forecast to exist for 3 hours after your planned ETA whereas legal conditions must only be forecast to exist 2 hours after your planned ETA when using the aerodrome TAF.

Filing VFR OTT Conditions

  1. cloud must be SCT or better at destination.
  2. ground visibility must be 5 SM or better at destination.
  3. No forecast for rain, t-storms, fog, snow, or blowing snow at destination.


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