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Commercial Pilot Licence

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Basic Requirements


Minimum age is 18


Category 1 medical is required


Minimum score of 60% on the Transport Canada CPL Exam [CPAER]

Ground School

80 hours of ground school required

Flight Training

Minimum 65 training hours. 35 dual instruction. 30 supervised solo instruction.


You must pass a flight test


The Commercial Pilot Licence is valid as long as your medical is valid

Flight Test Admissions

Basic requirements for admission include:

  1. Photo ID with signature
  2. Valid medical certificate
  3. A valid licence
  4. Letter of recommendation within last 30 days
  5. Proof of relevant experience (75% of the total flight experience requirement in airplanes)
  6. You must have passed the CPL written exam with at least 60%


  • Can fly for hire or reward

  • Can fly in a commercial air service

  • Can be PIC of airplanes that require only one crew member

  • Can become a flight instructor

  • Can exercise the privileges of a VFR Over The Top rating

Additional Requirements

Of the 200 hours TT required for a CPL, 100 hours must be PIC (pilot in command) and 20 hours PIC XC. You will also need to log 5 hours of dual night instruction that includes 2 hours of dual XC and also log 5 hours of solo night training with at least 10 take offs and landings.

Other requirements are that you complete a 300NM XC flight with a minimum of 3 landings at locations other than the point of departure. Be careful to make sure you are conducting this flight under flight instructor supervision and also A) in a plane that you have ownership in or B) a commercially registered plane. You cannot log any commercial training hours (65 hours required, 30 solo 35 dual) in a privately registered plane in which you rent block time from someone at the airport. The only way you can log CPL ‘training’ time in a privately registered plane is if you have ownership in it or you are at arms-length from the owner. You must also be under the supervision of a flight instructor for your 30 solo CPL training hours and your 300NM flight. However, you are permitted build time and experience in any plane even if it is not commercially registered.

If your category 1 medical expires you can still exercise the privileges of a private pilot licence provided your medical is still within the category 3 validity period.


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