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Student Pilot Permits

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Basic Requirements

CARs 421.19


Minimum age is 14


Category 1,3, or 4 medical is required


Minimum score of 90% on the PSTAR


Student must be certified as ready for solo


The student pilot permit is valid for 60 months


CARs 401.19

  • Can fly in Canada only

  • Day VFR flight only

  • Cannot carry passengers

  • Can fly alone for flight training under instructor supervision

  • Can fly with an examiner for a flight test

PSTAR: The Student Pilot Permit or Private Pilot License for Foreign or Military Applicants, Aviation Regulation Examination.

You need to know the Canadian Aviation Regulations and the Air Traffic Control procedures if you are a student pilot, a military pilot wanting to fly civilian planes or a pilot from another country seeking a Canadian pilot license.


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