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Exercise 12 Stall Canada


To learn:

  1. the symptoms of the onset of the stall
  2. how to enter the stall
  3. how to recognize when you are in a stall
  4. how to recover from a stall

Lesson Outline:

  1. Stall Safety and Stall Theory
  2. Stall Factors,  Entry and Recovery, and Symptoms
  3. Stall Variations


Recognition and recovery from a stall could save your passengers and your life one day. It only takes a few seconds of distraction in the circuit to orientate in an attitude that produces a stall. The ability to recover quickly and with minimal lost of altitude will be essential to your survival. Furthermore, you are also tested on your ability to stall and recover the airplane for you PPL, CPL, and your Multi-Engine flight tests.



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