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Night Rating

Night Rating2020-02-20T10:29:30-05:00


  • 5 hours of dual night flight time

  • 5 hours of solo night flight time

  • 2 hours of dual night flight cross country time

  • 10 solo take offs and landings at night

  • 10 hours of dual instrument time (5 can be in an approved simulator)


After you get your night rating (and within 12 months) you will need to have a qualifying flight with a Transport Canada examiner or by a qualified person.

You may also want to know the following: What makes an airport usable at night? When does night start and end?

For an airport to be usable at night it must have white lights marking the take off and landing area, red lights to mark any unserviceable areas, and the windsock must be lighted.

Official night starts 1/2 hour after sunset and ends 1/2 hour before sunrise. You can lookup these fluctuating times at timeanddate.com. Night can also be considered the time when the sun’s disc is more than 6 degrees below the horizon.


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