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Objective To learn how to safely maneuver the aircraft on the ground Motivation to Learn Taxiing is the beginning and ending of every flight. It is necessary to learn [...]


Objective To learn the various normal degrees of bank, including steep turns.To learn climbing and descending turns.To learn how to turn onto selected headings. Motivation to Learn Turning is [...]


Objective: To learn: the symptoms of the onset of the stallhow to enter the stallhow to recognize when you are in a stallhow to recover from a stall Lesson [...]


Objective: To learn: How to recognize the ingredients required to create a spiral dive.How to recognize you are in a spiral dive.How to recover from spiral dives. Motivation Spiral [...]


Objective To learn: how to take off on different surfaces, under various wind conditions, with varying runway lengths.how to perform short and soft field landings and when to use [...]


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