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What are winglets?

Winglets are 90° upward bends at the wing tip. They significantly reduce the amount of drag and loss of lift caused by wingtip vortices. This translates to improved cruising speeds, improved [...]

What is Dihedral?

Dihedral is a type of wing design in which the wings appear to bend upwards from the fuselage to the wing tip. This is not to be confused with washout. Although [...]

What are Vortex Generators?

Vortex Generators are little tabs the stick up from the wing surface. Their function is to mix the lower velocity air of the boundary layer with the higher velocity air outside [...]

What is “washout”?

Washout is a type of wing design where the angle of incidence reduces from the wing root to the wing tip. The angle of incidence is the angle between the longitudinal [...]

What is a trim tab?

Trim tabs are used to balance control forces. If there was not a trim tab the pilot would constantly need to hold the control column in place to maintain the desired [...]


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