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Lesson 01: Wind Direction

Take Off Into the Wind While a tailwind might be quite desirable en route in cruise, it is quite undesirable during takeoffs (and landing). When we take off in an airplane [...]

Lesson 03: Crosswind Takeoffs

On the Roll Control the direction with rudder. Turn FULL aileron into the wind at the beginning of the takeoff roll to prevent wing rise and reduce as necessary as speed [...]

Lesson 05: Density Altitude

All about density altitude Takeoff performance is largely about density altitude. As we discussed in Exercise 07 - Climbing, air density plays a huge role in aircraft takeoff performance. The density [...]

Lesson 06: Specialty Takeoffs

Short Field Takeoffs  These types of takeoffs are used when there is a short take off surface. You need to consult your POH to determine the short field takeoff capabilities of [...]


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