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Contribute to a Student Pilot Resource in Canada

Runup.ca is intended to be a growing resource for student pilots training in Canada. We are looking for people who have knowledge and experience training and/or flying in Canada to contribute to the resource. Runup.ca is looking for:

  • Contributions to the FLog (Flight Log)
    • If you are a seasoned pilot wanting to share your experiences or a flight school wanting to help educate our up and coming pilots we are interested in having you contribute to the FLog.
  • Flight Instructors
    • If you are a flight instructor and would like to contribute with a lesson send us a message and let us know what you would like to teach. If we charge for that lesson you will be given payment.
  • Forum Moderators
    • We are in need of a few forum moderators to monitor the forums. If you want to help with this send us a message letting us know why you would be a good forum moderator.
  • Other Contributions
    • If you have some ideas you think would be a great addition to the website by all means let us know what they are and we will consider adding them to the site.

Send Us a Message

If you would like to help out or contribute send Runup.ca a message and let us know what you are thinking.

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