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Vocab 01: deflated

deflated [dee-flay-tid] {verb} Definition: to have a gas {such as air} escape from something {such as a tire} so that becomes smaller or reduced in size. Other Verb Tenses: deflate {verb}, [...]

Vocab 02: bird activity / bird hazard

bird activity / bird hazard [ak-tiv-it-tee] / [ha-ss-ard] {noun} Definition: typically migratory birds in or around the aerodrome vicinity , which can cause damage to an aircraft Synonym : [...]

Vocab 03: foreign object debris / FOD

foreign object debris / FOD [for-in ahb-ject de-bree] / [ff-ah-dd]{noun} Definition: any object found in an inappropriate location of the maneuvering area or apron at an aerodrome which can cause [...]

Vocab 04: (runway) incursion

(runway) incursion [in-ker-shun] {noun} Definition: when an aircraft, vehicle, pedestrian or animal inadvertently enters an active runway. Synonym : infiltration {noun}, intrusion {noun} Antonyms : retreat, leave, withdraw Runway Incursion [...]

Vocab 05: (runway) excursion

(runway) excursion [ex-ker-shun] {noun} Definition: to veer off or overrun the runway surface. Synonym : leave {verb}, drift off {phrasal verb} Antonyms : incursion {noun} Runway Excursion Example Sentences: [...]

Vocab 06: abort

abort [ah-bore-tt] {verb} Definition: to stop doing something or to stop a process that you had intended to do or had already started to do, especially a take-off or landing. Other [...]

Vocab 07: overheat

overheat [Oh-verr-heet] {verb} Definition: to become too hot. Other Verb Tenses: overheating, overheated, overheats Synonym : too hot {adverb phrase} Antonyms : too cold {adverb phrase} Overheating Example Sentences: 01: [...]

Vocab 08: collision

collision [koe-li-shun] {noun} Definition: a crash between two objects; vehicles; aircraft Synonym : to crash {verb}, to collide {verb},crash {noun}, accident {noun} Antonyms : avoidance {noun}, dodge {verb} Collision on [...]

Vocab 09: cancellation

cancellation [kan-sell-lay-shun] {noun} Definition: the action of canceling something that has been arranged or planned. Verb forms: cancelled, cancelling, cancel, cancels {verbs} Synonym : elimination{noun}, deletion{noun} Antonyms : completion, approve cancellation, [...]

Vocab 10: malfunction

malfunction [mal-funk-shun] {noun} Definition: a failure to operate correctly Other Verb Tenses: malfunctioned, malfunctioning, malfuctions Synonym : defect {noun}, fault {noun} Antonyms : functioning, operating Nose wheel gear malfunction Example Sentences: [...]


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