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How to Use the 1 in 60 Rule to Calculate Heading Corrections

How to Calculate the Opening and Closing Angles Using the 1 in 60 Rule

In order to calculate the opening an closing angles for use with the 1 in 60 rule you need four (4) things:

  1. the number 60
  2. your distance traveled or remaining
  3. your distance off track
  4. total trip distance

An Example

Trip Total Distance: 190 NM
Distance Traveled: 110 NM
Distance Remaining: 80 NM
Distance Off Track: 9 NM

1 in 60 Rule Formula

Opening Angle = 60 / Distance Traveled * Distance Off Track
Opening Angle = 60 / 110 * 9
Opening Angle = 4.9 degrees (5 degrees)

Closing Angle = 60 / Distance Remaining * Distance Off Track
Closing Angle = 60 / 80 * 9
Closing Angle = 6.75 degrees (7 degrees)

Heading Correction

12 Degrees Left or Right Depending if You Are Left or Right of Track

Add both the opening and the closing angles together to give you the heading to fly straight to your destination. In this case you would need to alter your heading 12 degrees left or right depending on which way you drifted.

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You can also check out this YouTube video by Flight Club explaining the 1 in 60 rule. Flight Club also has a variety of other useful well-made aviation video that you can find on their YouTube channel.

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