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Flying Over Niagara Falls

Flying Over Niagara Falls

Have you ever wanted to fly over Niagara Falls but were not sure of the procedures? Or where to find the correct charts? There are a few different frequencies of which you need to be aware, as well as nearby control zones, restricted airspace, and Niagara Falls pattern procedures. You can find all of the procedures in the NavCanada publications.

Flying over Niagara Falls Course

How to Fly to Niagara Falls

Most of the time you will be arriving from the northwest, southwest, or somewhere in between. The most scenic flight would likely be along the Lake Ontario shoreline. There is a well-beaten VFR route along the shoreline. Make sure to stay below Toronto’s airspace (the concentric rings), and out of the Hamilton and St. Catharines control zones unless you have a clearance, have made 2-way radio contact, or broadcast you intentions, respectively.

CYR 518 Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has restricted airspace that you are not allowed to enter. However, you can fly above the restricted airspace and the view is still incredible. You can find more info on CYR 518 in Designated Airspace Handbook.

Need Help Planning Your Flight Over Niagara Falls?

If you need help planning your flight over Niagara Falls we can help. Runup.ca has a course that fully briefs and prepares you for the flight. We discuss all the frequencies and airspace. We also provide you with a kneeboard cheat sheet, as well as some actual video of a tour around the Falls. You’ll have a lot more confidence knowing that you are correctly following the proper procedures.

Check out our How To Fly VFR Over Niagara Falls course.

Flying Over Niagara Falls

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