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Human Factors for Pilots

What are human factors in piloting?

Pilots are a component of the aviation system. Just as the airplane and its parts are subject to malfunctions, so is the pilot. Although you should argue that a malfunctioning airplane is still a human malfunction as it was engineered or maintained by humans. The study of human factors focuses on the sociological, psychological, and biological components of humans and attempts to better understand these factors thereby improving the safety and efficiency of the human pilot within the aviation system.

Human Factor Video Resources

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has put together some great free videos (and documentation) on human factors as they relate to the aviation industry. Transport Canada seems to have published similar material but it is not easily accessible (or free). Below are three videos that can aid you in understanding human factors as they relate to pilots. If you would like more material you can visit the CASA website by clicking here or use the button below to be taken to the playlist on YouTube.

Intro to Human Factors

Human Factors: Performance

Human Factors: Information Processing

Full YouTube Playlist

If you would like to watch the full YouTube series on human factors produced by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia you can do so by clicking the button below.


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