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Pilot YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To

Pilot YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To


If you are anything like us you love watching aviation videos on YouTube. But, there is so much content how to you choose? How do you find what you are looking for? How do you even know what you are looking for?

Well, most pilots are pretty adventurous people. So, we probably can’t go wrong pointing you in the direction of some adventurous YouTube celebrity pilots. Here are 3 pilot YouTube channels we don’t think you’ll find boring.

Missionary Bush Pilot

Missionary Bush Pilot (MBP) has some great videos on YouTube. He flies a Quest Kodiak out of Papua New Guinea (PNG). If you are not familiar with the Kodiak it is very similar to the Cessna Caravan. It has very short take off and landing distances and has a substantial payload.

What makes the Missionary Bush Pilots videos great is the adventure in every flight. The pilot (Ryan?) is always dealing with heat, mountains, cumulus clouds, and poorly maintained runways. Runways are usually grass, sloping, wet, and high in the mountains of PNG.

MBP does a really great job at editing. He has multiple cameras, Foreflight, and cockpit audio all in sync. Great job!

Find his YouTube channel here.

Trent Palmer

Trent Palmer also has a super cool pilot YouTube channel. He has his own Kitfox that he flies around the mountainous regions of western USA. He flies drones for a living and bush planes for fun. His videos are always really well edited and commercial grade. Trent does a great job at exposing the ‘obsessive and passionate bush pilot hobbyist’ side of flying. He also has a decent website you can navigate to here.

Find his YouTube channel here.

Flight Chops

Steve Thorne, the creator of Flight Chops, is a Canadian pilot YouTube sensation. He is based out of the Toronto area, however he is all over the world learning how to fly different planes. That seems to be his MO. He has some really great videos on learning to fly the DHC-2 Beaver in Alaska. Well worth a watch.

Find his YouTube channel here.

Pilot Youtube Honorable Mentions

There are some other pretty good pilot YouTube channels out there that deserve a mention. Stevo1Kinevo and CitationMax are more small commuter / private charter turbo prop / jet YouTube channels while Aviation101 is more of a CPL time building adventure log produced by a pilot with a formal background in film. However, all 3 YouTube channels are worth a look!


If you were in need of some new pilot media I hope we have sent you in the right direction. If you have any other pilot YouTube channels that deserve a mention please let us know in the comments below.

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