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What is the Weight Change Formula?

The Weight Change Formula

The weight change formula can be very useful and save you from re-calculating the weight and balance if the load of your airplane changes.

There are four components to the weight shift formula; weight lost/gained, new airplane weight, change in C of G, distance from the original C of G to the location the weight was add or removed.

The Weight Change Formula


Our airplane weight is 2450 lbs. We are going to burn 120 lbs of fuel on our trip. Our C of G is 93.0. The fuel is located at station 48.

120 X
2330 45

120 * 45 = 5400
5400 / 2330 = 2.31
X = 2.31


Our landing C of G will move forward 2.31 inches. You can also use this formula for adding and subtracting passengers or cargo.


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