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Canada Flight Test Scoring Rubric

PPL and CPL Transport Canada Flight Test Scoring Rubric

If you are a Canadian student pilot working towards your private pilot license (PPL) or your commercial pilot license (CPL) you will want to know how the flight test examiner is going to score your flight. You also might be a new flight instructor interested making sure your students pass their flight tests.

Here are the scoring sheets for the Transport Canada PPL and CPL flight tests. They are recent as of March 2020 but they are certainly subject to change. You should ask your flight school or visit the Transport Canada website to ensure you have an up-to-date copy.

As you can see the air exercises on which you are tested are directly related to the air exercises found on this site.

You can also find a list of potentially useful resources, such as PPL and CPL study and reference test guides on the Transport Canada website.

Transport Canada Private Pilot Flight Test Scoring Rubric
Transport Canada Commercial Flight Test Scoring Rubric

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