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Pilot Podcast #0001: Motorcycles and Medicals with Steve Chlan

Pilot Podcast – Motorcycles and Medicals with Steve Chlan

Steve Chlan started flying as a glider pilot at the age of 12. He went on to earn a CPL and then an instructor rating. After instructing for a few years he moved on to bigger airplanes. Eventually, he landed a job at Sky Regional and made captain on an Embraer 175. Then, in the summer of 2018, Steve’s flying career came to a screeching halt after a motorcycle accident. Tune in and listen as Jamie talks to Steve about life before and after the accident.

Podcast length: 35 minute 32 seconds

Pilots are interesting people. Are you a pilot with an interesting life story? We’d love to talk to you. Send us an email with the subject line “Pilot Podcast Story” and outline your story.  info at runup dot ca.

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