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Pilot Podcast #0004: The Missionary Bush Pilot of PNG

Pilot Podcast #0004: The Missionary Bush Pilot of PNG

Bush Pilot in Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Ryan Farran, best known as the Missionary Bush Pilot, is a YouTube rock star! Ryan is the pilot of a Quest Kodiak flying out of Papua New Guinea. He delivers cargo and people throughout the mountains of PNG. Today we are going to talk to Ryan about his road to PNG and what daily life is like for a pilot in Papua New Guinea. Ryan also reveals his upcoming plans. You can learn more about Ryan’s mission at  ethnos360aviation.org. You can support him on his YouTube channel here and his Patreon page here.

You can listen to the podcast on this website, on YouTube, or on SPOTIFY by searching “Runup.ca” and looking for “Pilot Podcast #004”.

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