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Pilot Podcast #0003: Breaking Through Barriers with the Brazilian

Pilot Podcast #0003

Breaking through Barriers with the Brazilian known as Izzy

In this pilot podcast: Ismael Davis Lara de Moura (Izzy) was born in Brazil and moved to Canada in 2011. He started his piloting journey in Brazil and continued his training in Canada, starting in Vancouver. When he moved to Canada his English was not very good. Through perseverance he has broken down the English barrier and has pursued his dream to fly. He now flies jump planes at Skydive Ontario and does contract work for Win Aviation. He also works for Pratt and Whitney building turbine engines. He is a Multi-IFR Commercial Pilot with about 1200 hours and is also a licensed drone pilot.

Pilots are interesting people. Are you a pilot with an interesting life story? We’d love to talk to you. Send us an email with the subject line “Pilot Podcast Story” and outline your story.  info at runup dot ca.

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