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Student Pilot – Time, Speed, and Distance Calculations

Pilot – Calculating Time, Speed, and Distance

Knowing the formulas on how to calculate time, speed, and distance as a student pilot is essential.

The easiest way to remember the formulas is to remember that to solve for distance you are always multiplying.  If you are not solving for distance you are always dividing distance by speed or time.  For example:

Distance = X * Y
X = Distance / Y
Y = Distance / X

The Pyramid

As a pilot, the other way to remember how to calculate distance, speed, and time problems is to picture all three variables in a pyramid with DISTANCE at the top. You always multiply to solve for distance at the top. If you are not solving for the top of the pyramid you are dividing distance by time or speed.

REMEMBER: We are always converting time into a percentage of an hour. To convert minutes into a percentage of an hour divide by 60. For example: 18 minutes equals 30% of an hour, or 0.3.

Time Speed Distance Pilot
Time in Minutes to a Percentage

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